Closing day is the culmination of everyone’s hard work on and contributions toward your transaction. At closing, we present to you the documents required to close the deal. We explain the documents and ensure that they are executed properly. If you are a seller or cash buyer, you’ll have very few documents to sign. If you are a buyer or borrower getting mortgage financing, you’ll have more documents to sign from your lender.

In most cases, closing is a day for celebration. So many great stories start upon the purchase or sale of a home. If you are able to join us for closing at our offices, your closing will feel like a celebration (we’ll keep the details a surprise!).

If you aren’t able to join us, that’s ok too. We call these “mail aways” and handle them every single day. We have multiple options to complete your closing remotely and look forward to helping you with the option that’s most convenient for you.