Our Consumer Engagement Program: An Important Asset for REALTORS® and Lenders

A handful of years ago, a gentleman walked into our office in search of a title company. We had the clearest presence in our building so he must have thought we could help him out. He explained to our ever-helpful first impressions director that he was supposed to have a closing that day but he didn’t “know the name of the title company.” He said, “The guy called me, but I’ve only talked to him that once to schedule the closing.”

That’s right. Once.

One phone call to the consumer during the entire title process to schedule the closing. Incredible. And even then, the call didn’t convey clearly enough the name of the title company or the location.

We wondered what would happen when the unsuspecting consumer
found the office suite of the company in question and didn’t have photo identification or didn’t have the proper form of payment for his new property. As a real estate professional, how many of your clients have had that same experience (or lack thereof)?

At Winged Foot Title, we are dedicated to engaging consumers throughout the entire title process and to creating the transactional experience which they deserve. Our consumers know exactly who we are, know exactly what we do, and genuinely understand the value of title insurance.

We insure this experience through our proprietary Consumer Engagement Program, which we implemented nearly eight years ago after learning that some 70% of consumers leave the closing table with zero appreciation or understanding of the value of title insurance.

Because of our Consumer Engagement Program, consumers leave our closings happier and more grateful. One major benefit from this is that we are creating experiences that reflect well on the real estate professionals (real estate agents and lenders) who entrust their clients and
business to us! Consumers engaged at this level will remember the experience fondly and will therefore remember our real estate clients just as fondly. The next time they buy or sell or have a friend or family member in the market, whom will they call?

That’s right . . . the realtor or lender who referred them to Winged Foot Title.

Will that be you?

For more specifics on our Consumer Engagement Program, please contact us by calling (239) 985-4142 or send us a message.